[Dr.jart] Dermask Sleeping Mask


Brand : Dr.Jart+
Code : DRJP53-SLWVHydra
Weight : 210g (0.46 lbs)


Moisturizes your skin while you sleep.
Hydration sleeping mask designed to deeply hydrate and protect skin’s own moisture barrier.
* Night Magnet Technology : makes the condition of the skin better overnight and offers healthier skin.
* Aqua Soothing Complex : patent ingredient derived from plant glucose and xylitol replenish and protect skin’s moisture barrier through hydration.
Also, Phytoncide helps to soothe and via hydration.
* Double Hydra Complex : Hyaluronic Acid + Algae Extract support long lasting moisturization through protecting the skin’s moisture barrier and strengthening skin via hydration.

Suggested Use
Apply generously to the face except lip and eye area before sleeping.
Cleanse in the morning with warm water.


Dedicated to his lifelong goal of satisfying patients, Dr. Jart combined his medical background with a team of 21 skilled dermatologists to develop his eponymous skincare brand. Since its inception, the full cosmeceutical line has grown to become one of Asia’s leading skincare brands – Ceramidin. The doctor’s principled approach is based on using scientifically certified ingredients and his expert knowledge to deliver noticeable results. Each skincare formula is tried and tested to ensure safety for all skin types—even hypersenstitive skin—so everyone can experience the art of skincare with Dr. Jart.


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