[heimish] Aqua Tone-Up Cream


Brand : heimish
Code : HMS03-TC
Weight : 100g (0.22 lbs)


1. Brightens and nourishes: A 2-part functional cosmetic.
2. In depth hydration with a light finish; perfect adherence!
3. Aqua Texture for a smooth, dewy application
4. A natural tone up for men and women and all skin types

Suggested Use
Apply at the final stage of your skincare routine. * Use a base for longer lasting makeup

Cactus Stem Extract, Maltodextrin,Glutathione, Vitamin Tree Fruit Extract,Buddleja Extract, Thymus Quinquecostatus Flower / Leaf Extract


heimish expresses a modern and chic style.
It is a common make-up that anyone can use. It effortlessly draws attention and can win one’s heart even if applied lightly.
It should not be “your make-up”, but “you, wearing the make-up”.
TIP include dailism and all clean balm to help you achieve this season’s hottest looks.


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