[Innisfree] Olive Real Power Cream EX 50ml


Brand : Innisfree
Code : IFS02-PCEX
Weight : 100g (0.22 lbs)



1. Powerful moisturising effect of Olive Power Activator.
Olive Power Activator (tocopherol, vitamin E, oleic acid) possesses a powerful moisturising effect on dry skin, increasing skin elasticity and building an effective moisture barrier.

2. Contains of extra virgin olive oil
It contains 10,000ppm extra virgin olive oil content, providing moisture and nutritious essential care.

3. Provides moist radiance with a natural moisture barrier
This melting and moisturising cream smoothly fits the skin and gently melts on dry skin, building a natural moisture barrier and providing moist radiance.

Suggested Use
Apply an appropriate amount onto face and neck after eye care.



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