[Jumiso] First Skin- Brightening Mask (5ea)


Brand : Jumiso
Code : HLSP01-Lightening
Weight : 175g (0.39 lbs)



Cupra sheet is made of the 100% mildest cotton yarn with the finest quality.
1. Superior adhesion to the skin.
2. Breathable sheet.
3. Quick absorption.
4. Minimizes the skin damage.

Super high quality essence! Salmon roes that nourishes your skin.
The lack of sleep and irregular lifestyles makes your skin lusterless and dry.
First Skin-Brightening contains salmon roes rich in vitamin E and vitamin A, which is effective to improve your skin color.
Please experience great effectiveness of salmon roes right now!

Suggested Use
1. Use the mesh to open the sheet.
2. After applying the sheet on the face, remove the mesh only.
3. After 15 or 20 minutes, remove the sheet and tap the essence.



Jumiso concentrates on the small things to create a big effect. And to do this, they promise the following: 
ATTRACTION: “We won’t mass produce poor quality products that simply look good on the outside” 
TRUST: “We know that our drawn out contemplations and handwork will increase your satisfaction with our products”


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