[Tonymoly] Tako Pore Sebum Sun Stick


Brand : Tonymoly
Code : TSM39-SS
Weight : 60g (0.13 lbs)

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Our small but mighty Tako Pore Sebum Sun Stick will have your skin protected from harmful UV rays all day long.
Formulated with powerful marine extracts and Calamine, our pink sun stick instantly soothes sun exposed skin while providing intense sun protection for easy coverage wherever needed.
The unique dome shaped applicator makes it perfect to build up extra sun protection in hard to reach places while the ultra mild formula glides effortlessly over sensitive areas around the lip and eyes for a fingers-free application.

Suggested Use
Apply directly to skin.
Reapply throughout the day for continued sun protection.
When applying to face, start from center of the face and move outward, being careful not to tug on skin.

Released 1,000+ products including basic skin care & Anti-wrinkle functional products since Nov/2006. Tonymoly is the global cosmetic company where our mission is perfecting your skin. According to our age, everyone wants to keep and maintain our youthful skin. We are trying how to offer this youthful complexion for customers to maintain radiant, glow up , renewed skin as well . Tonymoly just launched the “I’m real Mask” and “Goat milk” line. Toner & Emulsion & Cream” sales Now~ Even GOT7 of Jackson and Sanche falling in this products.

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